jack rabbit clearing the way

When I was out walking today, I saw two jack rabbits. Rabbits are most obviously associated with fertility given their ability to procreate. However, they are also associated with the lunar cycle and with the tides of life. When a rabbit appears in your life, it can bring you a better sense of the movements of the tides within your own life.

I am intrigued by jack rabbit showing up for a visit. The last month or so have been difficult. Another mysterious malady of the abdominal region has shown up, similar to what showed up around 4 years ago, and then disappeared on its own. The doctors are not much help as they run test after test.

Because I walk a spiritual path, I am well aware of how things I am working on can manifest in my body. Having something happening that is a mystery is a sure sign of it being more than simply physical. It usually takes me a bit of time to discern the nature of what I am dealing with and so it has been this time.

I keep getting the message that I must move forward for the other things in my life to fall away or align in more positive ways. To move forward, my path has to be clear enough to make progress. Clearing is the key concept here. I must clear away my stuff - those patterns that no longer serve and the perspectives that no longer support me.

I have begun by clearing my fears around money and financial success. My relationship to money and financial success is rooted in my sense of self-worth. Am I worthy of being financially successful? YES! Do I believe I can do my life's work and sustain myself and my daughter financially? YES! I clear away the sticky fears and bring in the glorious many hued colors of success!

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