in progress: The Doorway of Money and Red Sparkly Shoes

Doorways are thresholds that represent opportunities and choice. They can be open, closed, locked, or hanging off their hinges. Sometimes, I know I have to move through a doorway and I ignore its existence. Then there are times I call a doorway to me because that is where my path leads me. Such is the case with this doorway.

Money, wealth, abundance, and prosperity are all linked concepts for me. Yet there is/was something not quite balanced in the way I was holding these concepts. Part of this came from the long history of how my father dealt with money; he always had a scheme to make money and never actually was able to hold on to any. My mother was the one who saved up money that he stole from her to spend on his latest get-rich scheme.

The lessons I learned taught me to not value my contributions as a woman. I fell into this pattern of letting men have all the worth I accumulate. I walk away because I wasn't worthy of it and they were going to take it anyways because that was what men did to women. Sigh. These childhood conditioning things are never pretty.

My intention in shifting my relationship with money is to honor myself, my life work, and my needs. I see myself surrounded by ever-increasing upward spirals of money and wealth that support myself and my daughter with more than enough to live, travel, create, and enable my work of helping others to connect to their own innate creativity. This is the doorway I am creating. It has golden doorposts with spirals going up them. The collage bits are about money and travel and creativity and my life work.

And then there are those red sparkly shoes. Those are magical and they are MINE. You see when I walk through that doorway, I put them on and click my heels three times and the world changes.

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