A muse and a quest....

I am questing for the 'tools' that help me manifest my lifework right now in my life. These tools are magical, wondrous, and creative. They make take any form - a person, a word, a stroke of paint, a brush. I feel myself with my feet on my path, bare toes in the brown earth wiggling and making patterns in the dust on the trail. I can feel around me the energies of creation, bird song, cat purring, rose scent, and the texture of magic.

I close my eyes and step forward reaching out with my heart, sending tendrils of myself out in all directions - east, south, west, north, sky, earth and back to heart. The vibrations return back to me of the 'tools' I am sent to find. I can taste them in my body. I know they are coming to me as I reach out to them.

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