Yippee kay yay doo daa whooo hooooo!

I just clicked on a button that is going to change my life - again.

All my life I have dabbled in the arts. I did collage, book binding, graphic design, jewelry making - everything except painting.

When I began the Women's Spirituality masters program at ITP, things in my life changed and transformed in amazing ways. One major breakthrough was coming to a place where I owned living, working, and being an artist. I am a creative being and I live the pink in my hair!

One of the classes I took in my first quarter was a class called Art as a Sacred Practice. It was taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud - painter, teacher, inspiration, and cosmic cowgirl extraordinaire.

My experience in the class was absolute total happiness. She put a brush in my hand and a canvas in front of me and I painted. My painting was Cat Goddess Singing Creation - an supremely apt title for those who know me. (Thats her at the bottom of this post.) My memories of the class were of me smiling, happy, and not wanting it to end.

After the class I kept painting and it has become a lifeline, a spiritual practice, and a gift to our planet. It is a key part of my lifework to bring creativity and healing to our culture and painting is huge piece of that.

Shiloh is offering a training course to certify those who want to teach her Color of Woman painting classes. She has never done this before. And yours truly has applied and been accepted into the program!

Yippee kay yay doo daa whooo hooooo!