Queen of Swords in progress

I posted some days ago about a visit I had from two snakes. There was a releasing and opening that has happened in the weeks following that visitation. A shifting in my perception of myself and how I relate to the humans in my world. One of the shifts is about how I relate to the men in my life, especially those who are angry and not self-aware.

I allowed myself to be hurt over and over because I did not know how to stand up and say enough is enough. One of the lessons of the two snakes was not just that I needed to change how I relate to abusive 'male' energies, but that standing up to that energy showed me that it is my perception that empowers the energy of the other person. When I fear, it feeds them - and disempowers me.

And, when I stand up and stick to my boundaries, what I fear does not manifest. By not empowering someone else through my fear, I open the door for something new to manifest. I create a container for opportunity.

All these patterns of understanding are coming together in me and, lo and behold, who shows up but the Queen of Swords. She who clearly sees what must be done and takes action. She who wants me to paint her.