When the doors open, step through.

How do I manifest my lifework?

This is a question near and dear to my heart. A few years ago I walked away from my career in hi-tech for a variety of reasons which included following my heart's desire. One of the things I discovered that had made that job so dissatisfying was the underlying cultural requirement that my mind lead. Minds do not actually work very well as leaders.

I can hear those of you who love the logical ways of the mind going, say what?

My heart leads because this is where the font of creativity flows from. The energy of creativity is intuitive, inspiring, spontaneous, passionate, and definitely not logical. My best paintings are ones that are painted entirely from my heart. Heart is intuition.

This is not to say that mind has no role in my life. Mind has a very clear role. Mind supports heart. When heart receives a vision that just has to be painted, mind figures out when it can happen and keeps the schedule clear. When heart sees a delicate weed shape that just has to be drawn, mind remembers where the sketch book is.

What has this to do with life work? Everything. Manifesting my lifework is a process that requires trust, passion, vision, good luck, and hard work. It is about following my heart's desire, not my mind logical conclusion.

Every once in a while I have to remind myself that I live from my heart and follow my heart's desire. It brings everything I do into a sharper focus which is critically important when my life is moving through a period of change. That focus enables me to see through the fears that arise. It enables me to shift how I manifest in this world. And the power to shift how I manifest is how I manifest my heart's desire.

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