Lizard bite

Today Princess showed me the treasure she had under my bed - a large alligator lizard. I could see Princess was not getting very close to the lizard which meant it was pissed enough to bite. (the photo above is similar to the one I found.)

I went and got a small cloth so I could grab and wrap at the same time, hoping to avoid a bite. However, Lizard was just on the other side of a bed leg and hard to get at. So, of course, I did not get a good hold and he bit me hard on my knuckle. No blood, just torn skin.

He let go and I told him to stop wiggling, I was getting him out of the house as fast as I could. And I did - right out the front door where my passing neighbor stopped in surprise to see what I had.

I let Lizard go on the side of the front step and Lizard stopped and stared at me, clearly intent on communicating something to me and it was not thank you. It felt a bit more like "will you please get the frigging message already." Ok. My knuckle is tingling and aching so I go back in and start looking up lizard symbology.

Lizard medicine is about dreamtime, intuition, subtle perceptions and leaving things behind that need to be left behind. (Ted Andrews' book Animal Speak has an excellent discussion about lizard.) Lizard tells us to listen to our own intuition above anything or anyone else. To write down and pay attention to our dreams. To pay attention to the subtle energies speaking to us. That our psychic abilities are going to wake up or notch up a level.

Apparently, I needed a dose of Lizard energy. I am thankful for the message especially the part about listening to my own intuition above all others. That validates my own sense of empowerment.

But I still have one lingering question for Lizard. Was I really paying so little attention that I had to get bit so hard my knuckle still aches - or were you just being pugnacious?