how we react

I walk a shamanic path and have always had a sense of having one foot in two worlds. This week that feeling began getting stronger. The energies in the world right now are like shifting currents that won't stay still for long. My mind did not recognize the feeling for what it was until today. Spirit 'knew' immediately, and Body figured it out. Mind was, as usual, a bit behind which is one reason why Mind can feel spacy.

There was a point where it was all made clear to me. I was at work and the phone rang and I was informed that someone may have hit my car in the parking lot. I walked out to the parking lot and indeed one of the students had scraped up the back left corner while trying to park. The student was someone I had talked to before - she has a good spirit.

She was upset she had hit my car and was already on the phone to her insurance company reporting the accident. Despite the damage to my car, I was not upset or angry. If anything I was worried she was hurt. I did not yell, accuse, or assign blame. This accident simply that - an accident. I did not even ask her what happened.

However, I did not realize this was how I was reacting. Not until she said to me, "Thank you. You have reminded me that WHAT happened is not important. HOW I react is what is important." Her statement resonated so much with me that I spontaneously gave her a hug.

Later today the patterns of energy clarified more. I've been having a hard time staying in this mundane world all day. Feeling ungrounded. The connection I have to the Spirit world has been tugging at me all day, probably because the energies in this world are shifting so much, I am more grounded in that world. And being grounded in Spirit, I responded to the accident from that world, not this one. I responded from a place of balance, Spirit, and harmony. That's pretty cool.