Raven the Brown Vulture

A friend told me he thinks of Raven as Chaos and I have been pondering this view of Raven. Given Raven's ability to shape shift and her similarity to Coyote for some peoples, I can see this thread in her energy. Raven is a catalyst for the energy of the creative life force. From a shamanic perspective, Raven can help you shift your being into something else. She uses tools, she is playful, but she also has the energy to become one with you.

Vulture is a seriously misunderstood bird. She is the companion of Death - without Vulture we would not be able to move between Death to Birth. The entire body of the vulture is designed to allow her to move the mess of death into the earth as quickly as possible thus preventing disease from spreading.

When Vulture comes, she usually has a message, perhaps of a new relationship or the end to suffering. Vulture energy moves us away from the mundane world. She is patient and will wait for you to see what message she brings. And wait, and wait. Her presence can feel inevitable and it is best to listen sooner than later if you can.

So what kind of energy do you get when both birds manifest in one's life? A scavenging, playful, implacable lunatic who pushes you to work with the magic of creation through the process of regeneration? Close.

I have a entity on my altar that came into my life many years ago. Her name is Raven and she is a Brown Vulture. For years, if someone asked me who she was I would say Raven without hesitation. One day a friend pointed out the small title on the statue that said Brown Vulture. Raven told me it was an enigma for me to figure out. Ok.

Raven aka Brown Vulture is one of my guardians. She IS my altar in some sense. She always watches me. It was disconcerting at first, now it is comforting. She periodically gives me messages or makes it clear that I have work to do in some particular area. Usually cleaning up, healing, so that there is opportunity for creative energy to flow. Sometimes she makes it clear something is dead and to clean up. Sometimes reminds me to PAY ATTENTION NOW.

She brings together the magic of creation with the magic of regeneration for me so I can see how the creative energies need to move. I can't say I always like hearing what she says, but I have learned to hear and listen because one thing I figured out is that she illuminates my path.