perseverance anyone?

I had a wonderful conversation with Shiloh Sophia McCloud about getting myself out into the world as an artist. She is wonderfully inspiring and practical all at the same time. Being a successful artist is hard work. It takes courage, time, determination, and trust. Doubt can sneak in when I least expect it.

I decided to get out my runes to see what they had to tell me. It has been a while since they have been out and my reading skills were a tad rusty at first. However, it comes back quickly. I just remind myself to listen to my heart.

When I asked about getting myself out into the world as an artist, the rune I drew was uruz, the rune of power. It is about strength and perseverance and the vital energy of the universe. This elicited a huge chuckle from me. Being an artist is where my power is and it certainly does require perseverance!