gifts from Lakshmi

When I moved at the end of November, I took down my altar and packed all the bits up. Including my picture of Lakshmi the Indian goddess of abundance and prosperity. I searched for her when I put my altar back up but could not find her picture anywhere. Last week on Wednesday I printed out a new copy of her picture and returned her to my altar.

Thursday I received a phone call with a potential job opportunity. One that seemed made exactly for me - part-time, interesting, working with my old school for the Women's Spirituality program. The energy around the whole thing felt like someone had turned on a light and opened a door and of course I was to step through it.

It took a day or so to get my head around the idea of having a job. Not that I did not assume I would have a job again, more that I thought it would be a while before I started working again. However, I have learned that letting my heart lead means life travels a road that does not follow the same rules one might expect. In fact, sometimes my path does not appear to even follow anything as defined as a road.

That said, I had my favorite amazing Tarot reader read the cards for me. Had my energy worker friend ask my body what it wanted to do. Talked to my wonderful friends. Lakshmi has handed me a gift and I am taking it with profuse thanks to her for this gift.

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