Naga Kanya

I have this small metal snake goddess statue that I found at a pagan conference. She was labeled "winged god". She has a halo of five snakes, wings, her upper body is clearly a woman's body with breasts, and her lower body is snake.

I asked everyone I could if they might have info on who she was. She is a naga I was told but no one knew from where other then possibly southern India.

Well, today, I was blissfully cruising the internet hunting for snake images for my upcoming workshop and, lo and behold, there she was: Naga Kanya, the daughter of a naga.

Nagas are guardians and are frequently seen in the doorways of temple guarding the doors. They are considered superior to humans and protect wells, rivers, and rain. Naga Kanya brings rain. Nagas represent cosmic power and are a "fierce spirit." (There is an interesting write-up here. Click on the Naga Worship link.)

There is a cool picture of one here all dressed up in gold. Maybe I will decorate mine!

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