the stuff you find

Its funny how you can think you sorted things and tossed out stuff before you move, and then you get moved and find all kinds of things to get rid of. I think it has to do with dislocation or relocation.

Take that old traveling trunk. Its a family heirloom that I took to putting old artwork in years ago. I opened it today and went through it. There was very little that I ended up keeping. It felt good to empty it out. I now have lots of spare matt board to use for other projects.

Then there were the two drawers of jewelry and stuff from my dresser. I went through all that and tossed out things but found that some things had to be kept. Like my wisdom teeth that were pulled years ago. Why keep those? They're WISDOM teeth. Snicker.

The next project is to empty out Mom's old cedar chest and my china hutch of as many of the family treasures as I can fit into the old traveling trunk. And then give the entire trunk and contents to my sister for xmas. Clears up a bunch of stuff and deals with one present.

The best find from today was two very old Japanese prints. Have to show them to a friend of mine and find out if they are worth anything.

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