Solstice Musings

Solstice is the time of year I contemplate the circle of life and how I dance within that circle. Not sure why I muse like this - could be the dark time of year just brings it out.

In Western culture, there is this idea that life ends with death that has never made any sense to me. Anyone who has grown a garden from seed knows that life never ends. Seeds sprout, leaves come forth from the earth, plants grow and bloom and create fruits and seeds, and die back to begin again. The dead plants nourish the soil for the seeds to start the cycle again.

It is the same with humans and all other animals. However, we humans get stuck partly because of our emphasis on individuality. This exact individual will die and they won't be born again and that is tragedy. Is it? I do not wish to underplay the tragedy of losing a loved one; I have experienced grief and it is not a place I care to visit.

I find a healthy way to understand the role of death is to return it to its place in the circle of life. A place that encompasses honoring our ancestors, the transitions of life, and my own role in those transitions. A place that focuses on the dance of life here and now in this moment.

Merry Solstice and may LIFE bring you many blessings!

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