cleaning out the old house

Yesterday I went back down to Hollister to finish up the cleaning on the old house so it can be sold. I worked my buns off, as they say. Scrubbed the laundry room floor, moved all kinds of stuff into the garage, bagged garbage, vacuumed the office floor, and got my Dad to move all the wood bins off the driveway with the tractor. Then I hosed and broomed the driveway off.

When I drove down in the morning it was very foggy through Gilroy and onto Hiway 25 with the steam lifting off the rows in the fields as the sun glowed behind the clouds. As I got into Hollister, the sun came out.

There were deer when I drove into the property. The wild turkeys were all strutting down the road - about 12 of them mostly full gown with two younger ones hassling each other. I saw a jack rabbit racing across the back field when Dad took the tractor around the back. It could be a peaceful place to live being so close to the earth.

Mama Cat is going to stay there as its her home. She is very self sufficient and an awesome hunter. I am hopeful the new owners will keep her around as they are going to need her skills.

It was sad driving out of there. Sometimes I wish there was a way I could live there but I think it would be too much for me and its too far away from my daughter. I have a yearning sometimes for being close to the earth that comes up when I am there.

As I drove home, there was a gorgeous orange-pink sunset with the clouds all backlit with violet hues. I wanted to stop and paint it. It was a gift from the Goddess to watch that sunset unfold. A reminder that where ever I am is where She is.

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