a wasp and a hummingbird

A wasp was crawling across the floor of my studio area. Nice big yellow and black striped nasty. I put an empty yogurt container on it and went to find a piece of stiff paper so as to scoop the beastie up and get it outside.

I usually let critters like this go, however, wasps usually signify nasty energy being sent your way. Thus I had this niggling feeling that I needed to connect to my dark side and send it onward through death to regeneration so its energy could be transformed. I certainly do not want nasty energy in my house or life. So I stomped it. As I said, not my usual behavior.

Less then five minutes later, I was walking downstairs and looked out the window. There, gracefully flitting about, was a gorgeous green hummingbird. Hummingbirds are the messengers of the gods. She stopped her flitting and sat on a branch and looked at me. I see you, I sent back to her. Then she continued with her task of nectar collection.

It felt like hummingbird was letting me know that I did what I needed to do with the wasp. It was about stuff that needed to stay gone permanently from my life. Given we just had an eclipse, this makes sense as eclipses are a great time to get rid of old baggage. With Solstice and New Year upon us, it is also a time of reflection and moving into new patterns of life - away from those that no longer serve me.

Happy Solstice!

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