White Tara

Found out who the Goddess is in the prior post. She is White Tara.

I was doing the TA gig in Women, Religion, and Social Change today. And this statue just wanted to come to class. I had packed up a tall white Kwan Yin to take but no, she had to stay home and the golden one came instead. She must have known she would occupy the primary spot on the altar because that is where She was all day - adored by all.

The best part however was the guest speaker who came in, took one look at her, and said White Tara. Happens that our speaker came in to talk to us about south east Asia and India.

Apparently the golden one wanted me to know who She was. After sitting in my Mom's entry hall gathering dust for years, I think She was ready to rejoin the world and share Her blessings. White Tara brings compassion, serenity, grace, and healing.

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