sort, toss, pack, move

Packing and moving is a tiring, lengthy process. However, it does have its highlights....

I found the white holiday dress from last year that Kiddo lost. It was buried in a yellow bag at one end of her closet along with a furry dress up stole. I think it must have been there at least a month.

I rediscovered my boots - cowboy, riding, black leather, and zip up boots. I mean I knew I owned them but I wear flip flops until the last possible minute in the fall. So going through my shoes this evening was almost fun. Oh yay, its cold enough to wear cowboy boots!

The fun of rediscovering things I forgot I owned make up for the periods of sorting and tossing which are also required. There will be much more sorting and tossing and giving away to come. The car is loaded up for a donation run as I write. I have lots of stuff that needs to find a new home, especially given all the stuff that came home from my parents place.

The best part is the feeling of freedom that comes with lightening the load. I just have to remind myself to stick with it and keep sorting and tossing. I wont regret it!

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