packing and moving

I have started the process of moving into my own place. The studio is the first thing to pack up. And perhaps the most dense room to pack. I wish it were already done but clearly packing is going to take several more days.

The new place has a few more things to be done. I am having the living room carpet re-cleaned because whoever cleaned it last left it smelly. Probably did not rinse it well and left it too wet. The carpet person I use can fix this. Then I have to get AT&T to fix their problem. The former tenant had a different service which meant AT&T installed phone jacks that won't work with my phones. Three calls so far. There will be at least one more to get them to remove the service call fee.

I am hopeful that by Friday I can move in my studio table and easel and start setting up. Then Saturday, I will drive to Hollister to bring up a load of furniture from down there to my new place. Then next week, maybe, get the rest of my stuff moved. Though I suspect it might be the week after given the Thanksgiving holiday.

I will certainly be thankful when it is all done!

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