discombobulated moving

Moving to a new place is a discombobulating experience. Its like when the Map application on my iPhone gets wacky and starts complaining about compass interference. The map starts spinning around like a dizzy ballerina. Its not that I am spinning around but that there is a real sense of disorientation happening.

I drive to the local store from my old house on autopilot. Then I get back in the car after making my purchases and set out to drive to my new house and I experience a moment or two of utter confusion. All my landmarks are familiar but they now proceed in a new order and my brain has to rethink how to get places. I think its worse because I am only moving 10 minutes away from my old house.

Tomorrow the big stuff gets moved. It will be SO nice to settle into my new place. I want to set up my studio and easel and paint. I might even do that before I setup my computer stuff!

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