It has been a long summer with lots of things going on that I have not posted here. A time during which things that have been in process are completing. My thesis was the first.

The next thing is the ending of the long term relationship I was in. A truly sad but necessary process of owning the reality of our relationship. I am thankful we have been able to move through the process with grace, especially for our daughter's sake.

The next things in resolution is the situation with my parents. That too is finishing. They will be moving into a new place to live in the next month. And hopefully very soon after that, the big house will be sold.

I can tell these finishings are freeing up energy because suddenly things are happening. I have a date to paint with Sue Hoya Sellars my painting teacher! I signed up for the course Living a Legendary Life which I have wanted to do for some time. (It starts today and you can still sign up !!)

And, an opportunity to show my art, do a workshop and create the altar for a small conference in San Francisco is coming together. Stay tuned for dates!

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