stuff breaking

Broken stuff #1. R totalled his car in a very minor accident last week. Insurance company called yesterday. Car is officially totalled. Repairs exceed value of car.

Broken stuff #2. The fence company the neighbor's hired, cut down our mutual fence when they were supposed to only cut down the back fence. Now, in this case, the mutual fence was in worse shape then the back fence and we had gotten an estimate to build a new one, we just did not want to spend the money now. The neighbor's are kindly covering the expense while we figure out when we can pay them back.

Broken stuff #3. The pool heater also decided last season was the last season. It finally rusted through. Time to consider a solar blanket and learn to swim in chillier water then I like. The estimate is more then the fence times two.

Oh and job lay offs are coming. And taxes and insurance due on a house we hoped would sell before now.

Ok universe, we get the message that change is in the wind. Is it possible to move quickly into the new model of sustainability that we clearly need? I am working on my end of things...

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