Turtle Island

At the Stanford Powwow, I of course went by and visited my favorite booth: Idiwana Carvings which always has an awesome collection of fetishes. I bought a cat and a raven that had to come home with me, and one other fetish: Turtle.

Turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth. Turtle carries her home as part of her body and every act she takes must be taken in balance with her body/home. Turtle is about listening and speaking and watching for opportunity in ways you might not have been doing.

Turtle has not spoken to me before so I was surprised that she wanted to come home with me. Then I dreamed about going to Turtle Island to talk to the fishermen about the turtles. I came in on my fish boat and cast lines out. And at the end of each line was a turtle - but they were damaged with heads partly torn up and such. The turtles were sad to see, yet, each turtle was strong and alive. The fishermen heard me and picked up the ropes to pull in my message.

The message is Mother Earth needs us to wake up and remember - remember how to walk in balance on our planet in ways that do not destroy precious resources and to live in ways that bring abundance and prosperity to ALL beings, not just humans.