Life has seriously moved into a phase of endings. How can I tell? My hip, leg, and knee decided to release a bunch of old energy. We hold more then we know in our bodies and I appear to be a prime candidate to prove that. Clearing is a key practice at the moment given all else going on.

My thesis has officially been sent to my thesis committee for review. Once I integrate their comments, we schedule the formal thesis committee meeting, and modulo minor changes, they sign off and my thesis is done. Which makes me feel a bit odd. Scared that I will no longer have school to support me. Amazed at what I have produced. Looking forward to immersing myself in creating art.

There has finally been movement in Hollister that will result in an end to the financial burdens we have been dealing with. An offer has been accepted on a place to move my parents to. I pray to Lakshmi to keep the abundance flowing - may the escrow will close quickly and without hitches. Then we move the parents into the new place, clean up the old place and get it sold!

Endings bring opportunities. They also bring a space to contemplate. I am looking forward to both.