The plan....

This is a picture of the cover of my plan for my life work. The plan is a book that we created in my Life Visioning class with Shiloh Sophia McCloud this last weekend. It was a great workshop. I have been asking for clarity around my path and clarity has been coming through loud and clear.

Part of the workshop we focused on getting clear about our passion, how we serve others - our life work. What is it that gets us motivated and willing to do our work? Connecting the dots between my purpose and motivation to serve others to creating art and being an artist helped me to understand what I offer and how what I do is valuable.

Another part of the workshop was around money and looking at how we as women trip ourselves up with not asking to be paid for our work. Too many of us feel guilty about asking for money - that somehow we are not worth it. So we worked with ideas and words to change our perspectives and relationship to money. Prosperity, abundance, livelihood - there are many other ways to vision what we need in our lives to create a sustainable life.

We came up with themes for the next year. Mine is birthing new life.

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