It has been an interestingly challenging month. Healthwise, I am still struggling with sinus and lung issues. The energy in my body feels like it is recalibrating and slowly moving into a new balance. I am back on antibiotics that work specifically on sinuses and bronchitis.

The ethics review paperwork is finally complete! Yay! I have sent out invites to the women I hope to interview for my masters thesis. And I have signed up to add the Expressive Arts specialization to my degree. I have to create a portfolio and do a special project. Am thinking of painting a self-portrait - an intriguing idea.

This next week I need to evaluate what I have to get done to graduate and take a serious look at what I have signed up for, what I want to do, and the reality of the time I have to get it all done in. Overwhelm is to be avoided where possible. There will be plenty of opportunity for it to rear its head as it is. Which may mean that I will forgo some workshops and classes that I was hoping to take. Its hard to decide as all of them are being taught by wonderful teachers.

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