heads in a grid and other stuff

This week I got to go paint with kids. I organized the class auction project for two of the second grade classrooms at my daughter's school. Got little head-shaped canvases, gave them a brief drawing lesson, show them Andy Warhol's Marylin Monroe painting (the one with many marilyns in a grid), gave them paint, and turned them loose.

Lessons? Do not give them black. They use too much and when they figure out you can mix paint, they make mud. The first batch I had to do some major retouching on a couple. They were black blobs not faces. Second batch came out much better.

I retouched a few of the second batch and when they dry I will varnish them. I bought plywood and need to paint it and then figure out the background color. Then mount the heads in a grid. Last, frame them.

On the unhappy side, I had to go back to the doctor again today and am back on antibiotics. This sinus infection is NOT cooperating. I was great until Thursday and then woke up with a sore throat. Coughing today and chest aches. On the good side, I like the new doctor I have been seeing so I switched over to her as a primary care. She got me to call and make an appt with an ENT.

Now, its time to paint on MY paintings.....

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