building an Earth Goddess

Saturday was the first gathering of the Women's Spirituality Alumni tribe. We had a wonderful time. I had the opportunity to build the Earth Goddess pictured above. It was the idea of one of my professor's, Dianne Jennet. My contribution was to build Her basic form so others could add and decorate and bless Her. And supply goodies, tools, clay, and such.

We decided to use two terra cotta pots, one large and one smaller on top each other. I used clay to stick them together. Then made a ball of clay on the top that the stone went into. Then I put a layer of red clay all over the pots, about 1/2" thick. We washed the pots to begin and then I kept spritzing them to keep them wet. The pots still dried the clay quickly and cracks formed but I was able to fill in and keep the clay workable most of the day.

At lunch everyone came out and we added shoulders, breasts, belly buttons, stones, chakras and had a great time. I brought stones, shells, leaves, seed pods, etc.

We ended the day with a ritual drum procession and a blessing of the Earth Goddess. She has an altar in front of Her with lots of offerings. She is a semi-permanent installation piece in that She is made of unfired clay and will gently (I hope) go back to the earth over the next year.

And then we build another one!

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