Bird Goddess visitation

In the last 24 hours Bird Goddess, the goddess of Death and Regeneration among other things, has left been leaving me messages / gifts - three of them.

I found an old bird nest complete with broken eggs under a sawhorse yesterday morning. In the afternoon, Mr. Cat took me out into the front courtyard to show me a beautiful chocolate and red brown bird. Not sure what kind of bird or if he caught it. He rarely catches birds, however it was dead though hardly injured. This morning I woke up from a dream in which a long-necked, gray goose or swan like bird was flying and diving around me - huge wingspan, light gray.

Last weekend, during the art ritual at the end of class, there was a bowl of affirmation cards. I drew one and got Completion. Interesting conjunction of items. I had a vision from the Goddess of Death and Regeneration when I started this journey of getting a masters degree. I am moving into the final phase of gathering the interviews for my thesis. Then I write. Then I will be complete. Perhaps She is sending me blessings.

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