wiggle that tooth or clean that studio?

The last week just flew by. Monday I left for my painting workshop and Wednesday I came back. It was an intense, wonderful, experience. We worked the entire time - from Monday at 1pm to Wednesday at 11am when I *had* to leave or I would not be back to pick up kiddo from school.

Sue Hoya Sellars is an amazing painter and a great teacher. We worked on technique, form, structure. She showed me things to do in Painter on the computer. She had me doing sumi ink sketches. And she gave me homework.

I came home to a studio in utter disarray. The Saturday before I left, I went to print from my computer and something went haywire and all the plugs along two walls stopped working. An investigation showed the obvious possible problems were not what was causing the outage. I called in help but they won't appear until sometime next week. Do I clean up the studio and put all the tables back and all the piles back into order? Or wait?

In the meantime, I went down to Pantheacon and enjoyed the sessions and marketplace and seeing old friends. The studio situation felt like a loose tooth wanting a good wiggle.

I cleaned my studio this afternoon. Dusted shelves, nooks, crannies. Organized piles. Put stuff away or tossed it. Cleaned my worktable off so there is room for my paints and for a pad of paper and sumi ink supplies. Then I worked on a sumi drawing. :)

And now I am going back down to Pantheacon cleared of wiggling urges. I have to pick up an Indian snake goddess statue I bid on in the auction. (They had her described as a winged god. Excuse me? Yes she has small wings but her whole body was a snake, she has a snake headdress, and she had BREASTS. Two of them. You'd think someone would notice. I decided she needed rescuing.... )

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