What is a sacred text?

I have my first class on Sacred Texts tomorrow. We are to bring altar items that represent sacred texts, which for me is an intriguing question. I have been thinking about it all week. What do I consider to be a sacred text?

What is a sacred text? Something I live by? Rules? Words? Moral standards? Hmmm. Something that invokes the Divine? Closer. Prayers? Chant? Song? Images? Does it have to contain text? What about symbols that invoke the Divine? Is a sacred text something that contains the Divine? Defines it? Honors it?

Answering the question is harder then it seems. I know that for some, the answer is 'the bible.' An answer that doesn't work for me. The bible is simply a book of myths taken far too literally.

So what am I taking to class? The Goddess writes on Her earth in many ways. Patterns are a form of text and prayer so I am bringing pictures, a book of prayers by women, the Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas, which is full of symbols of the Divine Feminine, and the Motherpeace Tarot deck.

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