warming up the words

A week of odd energies flying through the universe. I am very glad Mercury went direct today and we are moving out of what was a heck of a retrograde. I have been slowly moving back into my thesis topic. Warming up the words, changing the sheets, fluffing the pillows, and generally getting comfortable with it again.

Another layer of understanding has unearthed itself. I wrote my final paper for my Female Shamanism class on the topic of female shamanic initiation experiences. I realized that there is a thread in my thesis around unearthing female shamans in our so-called modern society. Specifically, looking to the experiences that women artists who create sacred art have had in their lives. What brought them to create sacred art? Were they called? Did they have a life changing experience?

I hope the answers to these questions and recent research on the female shamanic path will unveil some interesting correlations. Whatever is unearthed will be a treasure to ponder - that's the nature of the process I am in.

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