soaking up a little love

There is a rather large cat curled up in my lap while I sit here in front of the computer. He is quite determined to take a nap in a spot that does not fit him well and jostles him when I type. It is his choice to stay there soaking up a little love.

There are those who say we humans will do anything for love. It makes me wonder though. The best kind of love comes from inside of each of us. It starts with loving ourselves - accepting us for who we are.

If we start there, inside of us, does that change what we will do for love? Will we take the time to take care of ourselves? Will we stop listening for approval or disapproval from others? Will we listen to our own hearts and honor our selves? Will we indulge in nurturing ourselves by resting when we need to? Eating healthy foods? Will we play and dance when we want to? Will we give ourselves permission to love ourselves? What will we do for love?

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