only do those things that inspire you

I am laying in bed reviewing my life, so to speak. My body has been swingly wildly out of balance over the last several weeks telling me it was time to stop everything not absolutely essential. I am reminded of a journey I did a few years ago in which the shaman I encountered told me I had to change my ways or responsibility would come back and take over again and make me sick. Its like gray tentacles that get into everything.

I remember this because I spent a chunk of the day wandering through old journal entries over the last couple years ostensibly looking for shamanic journeys I have done that correlate to shamanic initiatory experiences. (All for a paper I have due which will get done when it gets done.) I found all kinds of gems. Gold hands. Crystals. Waterfall cleansings. Animals. Fire.

Walking a shamanic path is by no means an easy path. However, there are moments of lucidity, awareness, and knowing I am on the path I am meant to be on that make it all worth the challenges. When a vision comes through as a painting, it is a gift. When I have that feeling of being held by the Goddess. When I realize how much more I sense the energies of our Mother Earth. When I feel the healing energy moving through my hands. Its all a gift.

I have changed the way I walk on this earth and I suspect there is more work to do as there always is. For now, I am resting and integrating and nurturing myself. Sometimes, there is only so much doing that can be done. As a friend of mine told me today, do everything slower for a while. Walk slower - take five more minutes to get somewhere. Only do those things that inspire you.

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