Blue Moon Abundance Working

Gold flakes and tinsel,
essential oil of oak for longevity and good luck,
essential oil of chicory for granting wishes,
prosperity oil for abundance,
adventurine stones for attracting wealth,
a few rose hip seeds for kindness,
one little turquoise for power and good luck.

Mix all together in a little glass bowl and set out in the Blue Moonlight to soak up energy. Later, fish out the stones to put in your wallet and purse. Or, you can leave the bowl on your altar under a picture of Lakshmi and visualize abundance and prosperity. Or, annoint a chunk of chrysophrase with the oil and carry that with you. Jade is good to use too. Put the stones in a gold or yellow bag tied with gold cord.

Or do all of them and spread abundance throughout your life! May this year be filled with abundance and prosperity, balance and good health, new life and happiness for all.

ArticlesAnnette Wagner