wicked witch of the allergies

This week has not been one of my best. Felled by an allergic reaction which has had me feeling very energy-less all week. Energy is not moving as it should through my body as a result and it feels all stuck in my upper chest. I did a breathing meditation today which helped bit. Drink lots of water - and I mean LOTS of water.

Of course this did not stop me from taking the kiddo up to SF and going to see Wicked. It was a great play but brought up all kinds of interesting feelings for me. I identify with Elphaba as I feel like I have green skin sometimes. The relationship between 'dark' Elphaba and 'light' Galinda is very stereotypical yet moves towards a resolution that is not all bad. Galinda at least ends up making changes. Yet, Elphaba leaves for somewhere 'safe'. The fact she has to do that says much about how much work we need to do to heal separations in our culture.

Now, if I just had that book of Elphaba's.....

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