time to sit in stillness

Today I rested again watching movies all day. Painted a bit but the light in my studio is not good late afternoon. Got to thinking about how the patterns of my old life are ones of being driven, always having to DO something. There is much stress and tension in such a life style. It's hard to sit in stillness.

Being present in the moment, living each moment fully takes a different approach to life. Letting things unfold naturally means trusting and letting go. There are times to do and times to rest. When I am aware of the moment and present, its easier to tell if the time is now that something is to be done - or my attention can go to something else.

Living in the flow of life as opposed to trying to force it to do what you want is a much more peaceful, intuitive way to live. It takes some getting used to. I sit in stillness and am aware how much the voice of practicality wants to organize and do things. However, I ask my heart if its time to 'do' what the voice pushes me to do. Most of the time the answer is no and that stops the voice - a way of training the voice to quiet itself until it is truly needed.

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