sing in balance and harmony

For those of you who have met me personally, you can attest to the fact that I usually have no issues with making myself heard by others.

However, the circles I have been attending in Berkeley are a challenge for me. In the circles we sing and chant and use our voices. Every single time we go around the circle and are expected to sing a phrase or word, I choke up. Barely anything comes out.

The pattern is related to the shamanic change process I have been undergoing for the last year or so. Its no coincidence that my chest is inflamed and I am having trouble breathing. Everything feels very tight in my chest. Its time for the energy to unblock and flow freely.

Time to let my true voice out. To say what I want with clarity and harmony. To sing in balance with the rhythms of our earth just as I strive to walk in balance on our earth.

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