Sifting through patterns slowly emerging, I can feel them almost in view. A piece moves around understanding shamanic initiation and how that manifests in women. Another piece is how shamanic initiatory experiences correlate to kundalini awakenings. And then there is a piece around healing, sound, and speaking my wants.

All of this is about how the snake energy is moving through my body healing old wounds so the energy can flow freely.

It is about learning to listen to my body, to what is manifesting. Then speaking the healing for what is manifesting which is to name the wound, the injury. Naming it pulls it out of me so it can be healed. Naming it changes the vibration. Writing a poem that pulls out the essence and when you speak the poem the essence heals into something new.

Its a visceral thing, I feel like I am being led in ways that I have no context for. Feeling in the dark when the only thing I can feel is resonance and dissonance.

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