resonating into balance

I have been contemplating sound lately. Resonance, vibration, energy flow, toning and all those other interesting aspects of sound and healing. There is a pattern of connections emerging.

I have always been able to feel energy moving in my body, more so in the last ten years. Around six years ago the chakra point in my left hand opened up and I started to feel the energy in stones and crystals. It feels like my hand buzzes in the center of the palm when I hold a particularly energetic stone.

Since the healing I had last spring, there has been more of a feeling of vibration or resonance to the energy I feel in my body. Sometimes the resonances are in harmony and sometimes they are not. Learning about toning, chanting, and using sound more regularly has shown me that I can bring the resonating energy in my body into balance with certain practices.

The Om Tara chant is a good example. I find I will spontaneously start chanting it during times of stress. I realized the chant calms the resonances in my body balancing out the waves of energy. (The chant is a prayer to Green Tara which helps too.)

Now I am voicing tones for each chakra point and experimenting with that as a way to balance the resonances. I want to see if I practice this regularly if it will help to keep things in balance. Its all uncharted new territory for me.

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