pulling patterns apart...

I am home having Tday by myself - if I dont consider the cats and neighbors checking in on me. Figuring out the patterns I need to release or reconstruct so I can be healthy. What's wrong? A bad case of chronic allergic bronchitis. Or, lots of old energy stuck in my throat and chest.

The old energy is about stripping away the patterns that hold me back from following my heart. The ones that tell me I am a bad person for following my heart. Yet, when I pull the patterns apart, its clear that when I follow my heart's desire, I am more at peace inside myself, more in touch with who I truly am, and better able to respond and relate to others.

The voice comes from my childhood when I was attacked for speaking my heart's desire. The attack shut down me down and resulted in my creating armor and hiding part of me. In me trying very hard, as children will do, to win the approval of parents by doing the 'right' thing. Except there is no such thing as the 'right' thing.

With each deep breath, I clear and cleanse my chest expeling old patterns that do not aid me any longer. With each deep breath, I inhale love and support for my heart's desire. I relax my throat releasing the tension that holds it closed. I open my throat and allow my heart to speak its desires with confidence and strength.

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