overgrown donkey

Ok, I finally bit the bullet, as they say, and starting taking steroids for the chronic allergic bronchitis. After three weeks of misery, I am actually feeling better. I still have a cough like a overgrown donkey, but it has lessened. I still need to sit and catch up with my breathing when I move too fast, but not as much.

I am shifting the patterns of how I live my life while getting healthy so that I won't have this happen again anytime soon. Notice the relationship between stress and allergies? Notice the relationship between cleaning filthy houses and allergies? Notice the relationship between behavioral patterns with my father and stress?

Change the way I react so the behavioral patterns change to being less stressful. Just say no when it comes to packing and cleaning parents house. Encourage allergies to calm down gently with rest, herbs, and spiritual practices. Try not to scare the cats when I cough like an overgrown donkey.

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