writing like a demon

Lately, I have found myself writing and writing on my thesis. The topic of women artists who create sacred art and use that art to heal communities and culture has me fascinated. The more I research the more I unearth. The more connections I make.

I read writings of art critics who mostly lament where mainstream art has gone. I find women artists underrepresented in the mainstream art world especially the ones who focus on spiritual or - heaven forbid! - sacred themes. I read about how we must heal our connections to the earth and that the time is now to act. I find quotes from the Dalai Lama supporting the role of women in healing our earth and creating change.

I have way more pages then I likely need to have at this stage of the game, however, getting my proposal in early would be useful. Then I have moments of 'but wait I need to add a section on this!'

Of course, there is the other homework to do like the presentation on the article at next class, the ritual for the class after, and the 15 page research paper for my independent study. Oh and lets not forget the writeup for my community service practicum. Perhaps it is time to take a breather and focus on other items?

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