I survived. I went down to my parents and endured another attack of verbal abuse from my father. I walked out on him. My whole body was shaking. Fear is a scary thing when it takes over your body. I hung in and waited it out. Waiting for other people to arrive and run interference.

The real estate agent arrived. I walked her through the house and then I listed the house for sale. Somewhere in there, the fear left me. There were no strikes of lightening. My brother had my father entirely distracted out on the deck. (Where my brother the Republican was telling my dad that the so-called republican propaganda my dad was reading was bullshit. That in itself was amazing.)

Later in the day, my dad actually had a conversation with me with my brother there where I told him what the plan was and he listened to me. My brother was very helpful in defusing dad's insistence on a reality that is not real. I realized I do have the power to move this situation forward to a resolution. And that dad will kick and scream and be unrealistic the entire way.

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