Samhain ponderings

It is the beginning of Samhain today. Tonight I attend the Daughters of the Goddess Womyn's Spiral Dance in Orinda. (come by and say hello if you are there!)

This is the end of the cycle of the year. The beginning of the dark, quiet, gestating time of the year when root vegetables, apples, walnuts, and pomegranates are in season. When the weather can't decide to be cold or sunny. When the squirrels are so busy burying nuts in my potted plants they barely notice the cats sporting thick fur coats.

The time to reflect, regenerate, and nurture ourselves in preparation for the next year. The time to do divination and ponder where the next year may lead us. The time to honor ancestors and those who have pass on. The time to dress up like a las lobos wild woman and have loads of fun.

I give thanks for the abundance of the past year and ask for blessings for the coming year - blessings of good luck, abundance, and grace.

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