sacred art blessings

Today I had a wonderful day. I went into the painting class at school in the afternoon to assist. The women in the class had not yet started to outline their visions onto the canvas so I was witness to the amazing creations that took form all afternoon. I helped with answering questions, drawing bears, showing how to scrub with the paintbrush, and such. Shiloh had me introduce myself to the class and then told them all that I was an amazing painter. I felt all warm inside hearing that from someone who paints such beautiful paintings. It was like, "wow, she likes my paintings!"

At the end of class Shiloh and Sue and I looked over all the paintings I had done. Then we talked about independent study ideas. Shiloh looked at Sue (Sue being Shiloh's teacher) and Sue looked at Shiloh. Sue only works one on one with a couple students a year. They suggested I do a weekend with Sue.

This was an unexpected acknowledgement. I feel very blessed. It's a validation that I am on the path I am meant to be on - and that I really do paint amazing paintings. Yaa Hooo!!!

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