changing culture

My masters thesis topic is on women artists who create and use sacred art to heal our communities and culture. How do we define sacred art in our current so-called modern culture? Women artists who create sacred art are generally written off as 'folk artists' and therefore not serious artists. Or categorized as women creating 'goddess art' and therefore artists not doing mainstream art or only doing art for a small audience.

Both of these descriptions are ways our culture invalidates the work of women artists and the role of spirituality in our culture. What is sad is that not only is the work of women artists submerged, but it overlooks the ways in which we can use art to change our culture to a more healthy one.

Riane Eisler categorizes cultures into domination and partnership cultures. She defines these two categories to more broadly encompass what we mean by culture then typical terms like "western" or "patriarchal" or "socialist". In the US we live in a domination culture that has had many waves of change the move the culture towards partnership. Waves of change that are repeatedly repressed yet still have an impact.

Art is a way to alter the perceptions of the person viewing or interacting with the art. Art is healing. Sacred art impacts us in spiritual ways that change us. I want to understand how we can use sacred art to move our culture to a partnership culture.

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