saris and spells

Today I went back to the parents again. However, before I went to bed last night I drew three motherpeace tarot cards. The message? I am powerful and I need to trust that all will come out ok. Another reminder was needed that I don't know what is going to happen and that's ok. I am held in the heart of the Goddess and all will come out ok.

Today I left their house feeling more positive. I can tell we are making serious headway on cleaning the closets and the house. Houses were looked at as potential places to live. My dad was less grumpy and invalidating to be around.

Gifts were also given. My mom had a whole box of beautiful clothing she bought or had made on her trips to India. Saris, scarves, tops, and pants - and she gave them all to me. I feel very honored to have them as they are very special to my mom.

I made my mom a spell jar with rain water, herbs, and stones to clear obstacles, grant wishes, bring mental clarity and prosperity. I sat with her and had her anoint herself with it. I hope it brings her what she wants. Be it harm none.

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