It's one thing to be told that Neptune is moving through my chart and dissolving old structure. How Chiron, the wounded healer, has a large influence on my chart - and the six planets that sit in Leo, my birth sign. How Jupiter is magnifying Chiron and Neptune right now.

Its another thing to know in my heart that I am being re-birthed as a new person. There are moments of absolute doubt, euphoric happiness, and an empowering sense of being released to finally be who I am meant to be. At times, I feel lonely, desolate, and sad. I don't know what will happen to me yet I am ok with that. Being held in the heart of the Goddess helps.

As I change, I am no longer someone who is held back fearful of overwhelming others. I am a double fire sign and when my energy is released, I am powerful and passionate about what I believe in. I find that when I come from my center, my heart, and my place of power, I am very strong. A way of being that still takes me by surprise.

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