Raven the Magician

After the blessing I received from Raven at the end of camp, I decided it was time to do some research on Raven. I know Crow as they live in my trees and talk to me everyday. Many aspects of Crow and Raven are similar but there are some that are specific to Raven.

Animal and human spirits intermingle and become one in Raven. This fits with my path of following the cycle of life and how there are no dualities only a merging into unity. 'In blackness, everything mingles until drawn forth into the light." (Animal Speak, Ted Andrews)

Ravens are fast, wary, playful. vocal, and excellent tool users not intimidated by others. This brings in the ability to "stir the magic of life without fear". I find this aspect very encouraging given the direction my path is taking. Raven is filled with creative life force and can be used to "work the magic of spiritual laws on the physical plane."

Raven is about manifesting the magician within us. Raven shows us how to bring things out of the dark into life. Raven is the manifestation of the Goddess of Regeneration - Raven is brings Her messages and Her messages are change, of being able to do into the dark and bring out creation.

I think I have a new guide in my life.

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